Tim LeCroy Bio

Thanks for dropping by!

My name is Tim LeCroy and this is my website. I am the Senior Pastor of Grace and Peace Fellowship in St. Louis, MO. I am the husband of Rachel and the father of Ruby and Lucy.

In addition to being a pastor, husband, and father, I am also a scholar. I am Instructor of Historical Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary where I teach the Ancient and Medieval course. I have a PhD in Historical Theology from Saint Louis University majoring in medieval and minoring in patristic theology. I have given several conference papers and invited lectures on these topics. In 2015 I had the honor of acting as respondent to Robert Louis Wilken (noted patristics scholar) at the Nevin lectures held at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham.  I have works published on the Didache (early church), St. Bonaventure (Medieval Scholasticism), and Jan Hus (late medieval, Pre-Reformation). My dissertation was on Carolingian ecclesiology with a focus on the Eucharist (early Medieval). I have a published translation of Bonaventure’s Commentary on the Sentences. I contributed a chapter to Heal Us, Emmanuel, a book about race and the gospel written by PCA leaders.

This site contains the various observations, thoughts, and questions which I have come across in my pastoral ministry and academic work.

Comment Policy: Honest questions and comments are welcome. Please do not leave long comments with multiple points and/or questions. Please be charitable and irenic in tone.

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